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Nail Services

nail is a hard part of the body at the tip of the fingers and toes, of which most people have ten. Toenails and fingernails are similar, except that toenails grow four times slower.

Like hair, nails never stop growing. They must be cut from time to time. It does not hurt when you cut your nails. Some nails can grow into the skin. This is called an ingrowing nail. They can hurt, so are often treated through medicine. The cutting and painting of the nails is called a manicure.

There are several nail services at LadyBug Body, Nails & Spa:

Bio Gel Full Set
Bio Gel Refill
Sola Full Set
Sola Refill
Powder Gel Full Set
Powder Gel Refill
Acrylic Full Set
Acrylic Refill